High Performances Soccer Camp

High performance sessions that offer selected players a period of intensive training exclusively.

Announcement: Summer Camp Begin: 10 June 2019

What is the goal of training in microcycles

Our coaches, provides a tactical experience, physical and psychological, applied in each area of specialization in terms of football, thus playing a unique experience for each player, with emphasis on developing their human and social potential as full-fledged athletes, thus having a balance in good sports practices.


What results do you get?

The training, is designed to implement a sport discipline, at the tactical level! everyone of our Coaches, has the purpose of strengthening the Player in each area of ​​the game; with the understanding of strategies aimed at developing and enhancing teamwork.

Why join train with us??

With a team of coaches, high performance with recognized experiences, as is UEFA-PRO

More than 20 years in preparation, at the physical, tactical and psychological level of youth teams, high performance.


Our Soccer Teams & Programs

Santiago Garcia
Head Coach

Professional trainer in Levante UD sub17.

Titled UEFA-PRO.

Responsible for the technification for young promises.

Professor University of Valencia course of coaches.

Ex-professional player.

Internacional sub16/17 Spanish selection.


Salvador Yago
Assistant Coach

2º Coach Levante UD sub 17.

Titled UEFA-PRO.

Responsible in analysis of the rival.

Specialist in tactics and ABP (Actions with set pieces)

Ex-professional player


Miguel Galduf
Physical Trainer

Physical trainer Levante UD sub 17.

Degree in Physical Preparation.

Master in high performance.

Titling UEFA-PRO.

Ex-professional player.


Summer Camp for u18 – u19

Summer Camp for u16 – u17

Summer Camp for u14 – u15

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